How Does the Tarot Work?

The question I get the most when I’m reading people’s cards, is “How does Tarot work?” It’s such an elusive art. First, I ask you to think of something you would like clarity on, and then you pick a bunch of cards, “with your left hand,” I tell you (left hand is subconscious), and then I turn them over and tell you what they mean. 100% of the time, they are right on. I have never done a reading for anyone that did not resonate with them, so deeply that they left my table smiling, incredibly grateful for the experience. Even when I first began reading cards, the cards never lie. It’s the one who interprets them, who may not fully understand the revelation of the cards.

So how does this work? Is it magic? Is it a spirit coming in and manipulating the cards? Absolutely not. Magic… perhaps. At some point in our human experience, we become The Magician along our journey. This archetype of the Magician is when a person is completely in the knowing that they create their reality. They understand with everything in them that they have all the tools they need to design their life. They are the one calling the shots, and allowing the supporting universe to provide everything they need and desire. So there is “magic” in the Tarot, but the magic is actually the Querent, not the cards themselves. (The Querent is the person who is having their cards read). The magic is in the thoughts that the Querent has when they are open for a reading.


Or not… A person doesn’t need to be open for a reading, but the cards will never lie. I have had people sit down with me who were skeptical, or guarded. Once I began their readings, they let their guard down because I was revealing things that resonated with them, and they couldn’t resist the information.

A couple of weeks ago, I was hired to do readings at a party. I had a long line of people, and didn’t stop reading cards for four hours. One of the guests came up to me toward the end of the night with a question about his family, but he was incredibly skeptical about the cards. He asked how they worked, and I explained that the Law of Attraction is how they work. You think, and the cards reveal. All of the cards hold a fraction of the human experience, so all the cards relate to all of us at some point or another. When read together, they create a story, or a sort of poem about the Querent’s life. Because I have spent years learning the meaning of each card, I am able to pick up on the story. As I began telling him what each card revealed, he seemed more interested. By the end of his reading, he was blown away. He couldn’t stop thanking me at the party. It was a success for both of us.

I don’t do future telling. I don’t give yes or no answers to people unless the cards are so clear about “yes” or “no” that I have no choice to give them an answer. As a Reader, I know that my Querent is the powerful being who creates their reality. All I am doing when I am reading you cards, is giving you information about your current situation so that you can open up to your life in such a way that the greater experience unfolds for you. We often get stuck in the obvious fraction of our reality. The Tarot helps me see the whole. I share the whole with my Querent so that they are free from the misinterpretation of their experience.  I offer clarity.  I even offer suggestions because the Tarot has given me wings to share my own life experiences to others in such a way that I am able to relate to them a I read for them.  As a person who doesn’t enjoy small talk, the Tarot has been a wonderful tool for me to be my “real” self with people.  It’s a beautiful gift, and I’m excited to share it with whomever is interested.

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