Q: What if the Tarot Reading Turns Out Bad For Me?


A:  Does this face ^^^ look like it could give you any bad news?  Let me alleviate your fears right now.  I have never given a negative Tarot reading to ANYONE in hundreds of readings.  In my book, there is no such thing.  How is that possible?  Because I use the Tarot to guide people in the right direction, to change their perspective from dark to light, and to show them the possibilities instead of reminding them of their limitations.

I don’t believe that all bad choices are doom and gloom, or that bad choices we make end up in punishment.  I believe that when we make bad choices, it’s an incredibly revealing analysis into our subconscious minds, and I also know that every experience in life is an opportunity for a learning experience, so I have no judgement whatsoever when I am doing a reading and I see that someone is drifting off into a negative space in their life.  I am someone who often chooses to go into dark places within myself in order to see myself clearly as I relinquish my shadows, so I am incredibly open to helping people see their own shadows in such a way that it is a transformative experience for them.  After all – what are shadows except for a heavy influence in our life that reveals a past trauma so that we are able to face it?  I encourage my Querents to face their shadows so that they can move on from the darkness in their life that holds them back from navigating from the wholeness of who they truly are.

When I sit down to do a reading for someone, I do it with the intention of giving them a dynamic perspective of their situation, in such a way that they have no doubt of what they need to do from that moment on out.  Rarely do I offer a reading and project a negative outcome, but when there is one, it’s merely a warning that if the Querent remains on the same path, or in the same detrimental space of thinking, that the reality they are creating will not as positive as it could be.  I remind them that their thinking creates their experience.  If the Querent is too much in their mind, and not making decisions balanced with their heart, they may experience a limited situation, rather than having a bold, fully intended experience via conscious creation.

We all create physical reality by how we think and by how we feel.  If we are living from a space of limitation and fear, we’re going to have a less dynamic experience than if we are navigating from a space of openness and love.  Everything begins within our selves.  Two different people could be facing the same exact situation, and one of them is frightened by the possibility of failure and loss, while the other person gets excited and decides that the situation they’re facing is a challenge with an opportunity to create and expand.  Who do you think is going to have the most positive outcome?  Who do you think is going to have the most negative outcome?  It’s a very simple concept that we often forget as we move through the monotonous details of our lives, but through Tarot, when the cards reflect a negative outcome, I serve as a reminder to the Querent that they can change their outcome by shifting their thinking and by opening up their perspective.

The other night I did a reading for an acquaintance and fellow community member.  Her cards were very positive, but the outcome was that her thoughts were going to get the best of her, so I talked with her a little bit about how to drop into her feelings, rather than going forward with her goals in logic.  After spending a few minutes explaining each card, and showing her how much spiritual influence she had upon her life in that moment, something told me to have her choose one more card.  I never do this.  This was pure intuition.  She moved her hand over the spread, and pulled a final card.  It was the Ten of Cups:

Ten of Cups.png

Without me even saying anything to her, she was blown away by the card.  She was even more taken back when I told her, “This is the other possible outcome, if you simply navigate with an open heart, with an open mind, and while feeling your way around instead of thinking too much about where you are headed.”  We both left the counter feeling a sense of openness, and happiness.

There are no “bad” Tarot readings when you sit with me.  Just an honest glimpse into how a Querent thinks and navigates through their life, which can easily be shifted with the right cards reflecting the way.






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