Why Use the Tarot? Isn’t it Opening Yourself Up to Unknown Entities?

Good question.  I grew up in a strict fundamental Christian church where Astrology was looked down upon, and Tarot readings were demonized.  Forget the fact that the entire bible is swarming with Astrological references.  Astrology was the sacred science of ancient times.  It was encoded inside of holy books so that real truth seekers would understand the metaphors and celestial references (i.e. – Jesus serving two fish is sun in Pisces, and the Virgin birth of a “son” is Sun in Virgo).  Otherwise, the bible is taken literally, and therefore the sacred connection between the heavens and the earth is completely swept under the rug, especially in the church where they want to keep the individual disempowered from their true nature so that people seek salvation outside of themselves (and pay money to the church for “truth”), instead of knowing that the real power is within each individual human being.  The truth we seek is not outside of our own temple (Holy of Holies).  But that’s a whole different story.  The Tarot includes all major religions via symbology, and it was once used by many Christians when Christian Mysticism was not demonized.  (Side note – my boyfriend thinks I’m a Christian Mystic).

Several years ago, I was terribly afraid to even look at the cards, and for good reason.  The way the Tarot (future telling) is portrayed in old Hollywood movies, and how there are scriptures in the bible that warn of using divination, it would give anyone the creeps to use cards as a tool for information about a person, but in my late twenties, I had left the church, and I was trying not to make decisions based in fear.  I was listening more to my intuition, and following the lead of my spirit instead of listening to the controlling voices of people in my head who hovered over my life and told me what was right and wrong.  I was learning about my own inner compass, and there were many things that peaked my interest, including the Tarot, so I didn’t hold back because the last thing I wanted to do with my life was to live in fear.

Living in fear is living in darkness.  Darkness is evil.  If fear is controlling your decision making, then consider yourself in the hands of the devil, because that’s exactly what fear is.  It’s limiting yourself from truth, or the light, or freedom that Christ spoke about.

In my twenties, I also stopped reading the bible so literally.  Most of the scriptures were not even meant for us today.  They were old Jewish laws, which Christ blasted with one solid scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself, and love God with all your heart mind and soul.”  Bottom line.  Laws of Abraham and Moses annihilated.  BAM!  If I could cut all the crap out of the bible and take the absolute truth from it, it would only include the teachings of Christ.  There are about twenty scriptures regarding divination in the Bible, and not one of those scriptures comes from the Christ teachings.  Now, let’s continue…

The Tarot is an art.  It’s literally just an art.  It’s a tool that reflects the full human experience through its symbology.  The subconscious mind picks up on imagery, which is why there are so many hidden messages in movies, on TV, and in advertising.  Symbology has been used for thousands of years because humans are subconsciously aware and influenced by imagery.  If we master our subconscious minds (face our demons), we basically overcome the devil, because our minds (ego) is the devil that tries to confuse us and consume us.

The human mind wants to rule our lives, to control our behaviors, and it ultimately wants to destroy us from reaching our full potential as spiritual beings having a human experience.  If you don’t believe me, spend one day paying attention to your thoughts and clue yourself in on how destructive they are.  Low self-esteem anyone?  Yeah, me too.  I have spent years watching my thoughts, and learning not to buy into them.  I’m not “there” yet, but I’m getting closer.  This is why Christ teaches to LOVE.  The principle of the Christ path is to live from your heart, not from your mind.  “Die to the flesh (mind) and walk in the spirit (heart).”  With that said, it is important, if you are on a spiritual path of awakening to truth, that you clear your subconscious mind so that it does not rule your life and lead you wrong.

The Tarot is a reminder to the subconscious mind of how dynamically connected we are to Spirit.  It draws out a memory of our divine nature, and reminds us that we are innately sacred, and that we are just having a short time experience here on Earth, while showing us how we can remain on the spiritual path in our humanity.  The cards reflect truth back to us when we are needing clarity in our lives.  The Tarot is basically just a way-shower.  It brings light to the darkness of our minds.

For example, if someone is having relationship problems, and I offer them a reading, usually they are stuck in their thoughts about their relationship, and they are having a limited experience of their relationship.  When I read the cards back to them, I help eliminate the limitation of their thinking and return them to their wholeness, or “the big picture.”  Whatever was limiting them and bringing fear into their experience before they sat down for a reading, gets completely relinquished when they walk away from the reading.  The shackles of their thinking are broken, and they are open to the truth instead of limited by their fear.  How is this evil?  Please tell me.  Because from my experience (and personal experience is the only real “truth” I know), fear divides us from God, or Spirit, or LOVE – whatever you wish to call it.  A good reader will bring a person back to God (LOVE).

“Some of the imagery, like the Death card, is scary.”  Yes, that is true.  If you are not familiar with the Tarot cards, they may look frightening, but isn’t this human experience frightening at times?  Again, the imagery talks to the subconscious mind, so your subconscious mind will pick up on the truth faster than your conscious mind will.  Some cards are haunting, but again, so is the human experience.  We are in a world of duality where light and dark exist equally.  Death and life exist equally.  That’s all the cards reflect.  Nothing more, nothing less.  No magic.  No hidden agenda.  Just pure human experience reflected back to us. In a Tarot deck, it is all laid out before us in depths and layers that truly exist.  Basically, we are all a living, walking, breathing, acting Tarot deck (wink).






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