The Fool’s Journey


So what exactly do the 78 cards in a Tarot deck represent?  The first card in the deck is The Fool with a number 0 at the top.  The Fool stands on the edge of a cliff with the sun shining down upon him.  He carries a stick with a small sack hooked on the end.  In his other hand, he holds a white rose, while a white dog jumps at his heel.  He appears to be walking off the cliff without watching his step, but is he in danger?  No, he is not in danger.  The Fool represents new beginnings, and faith along his path.

The 78 cards in the Tarot reflect the Fool’s Journey.  The Fool is the sacred human spirit, and his journey is simply the Human Experience.  The small sack he holds is light, as he has not accumulated any unnecessary baggage, and the white rose represents innocence.  There are different interpretations for the white dog, but I see it as a tamed subconscious mind, or a subconscious that is clear.  As the fool makes his journey through the Tarot, his archetype changes, just like as we make our journey through our lives, we have several different experiences of ourselves, and we play various roles.

When one picks The Fool in their spread, it is a time for new beginnings, transformation, walking in faith, and trusting our experience without fear.  The Fool is fearless, just as the human spirit is fearless as it slips down into a material body for the full experience of an Earthly existence.  It never knows what’s in store, but it trusts in the guidance of the universe, and follows intuition.

Unfortunately, as we get older, and weighed down in our human conditioning, the sack we carry becomes heavier, and the dog (subconscious) may turn a darker color as it influences us like a quiet shadow over our lives.  The rose eventually withers, and we may find ourselves fearful instead of fearless, which is why the remaining cards in the Tarot deck reminds us to return to Spirit.  When one picks the Fool, it is an exciting returning to the soul, and a time of brand new beginnings.  The slate is wiped clean, and we remember to trust in the support of the universe, while following our intuition.

We all wear many masks throughout our lives, and travel both heavy and light at times.  Sometimes we are the teacher, while other times, we are the student.  You can think of the Tarot as the Fool’s Journey, and the entire deck as a reflection of the Spirit having a Human experience.  As we choose cards, we get to see where the Fool is travelling –  The Fool being our essence, and the experience being the many archetypes we become.  Our lives are every-changing and fluid, and each challenge is an opportunity for personal growth and learning, with constant reminders that our spiritual journey parallels with our daily routine.

This is why I love the Tarot so deeply.  It is a mirror of truth. This experience I’m having right now, is temporary, including all the emotions involved.  The Tarot returns me to the spiritual journey, and reminds me that my essence is light, and carefree.  I don’t need to carry so much baggage.  I am allowed to travel with ease, to trust in the guidance of my intuition, and to allow the inner light of my eternal Spirit to lead the way.




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