Using the Tarot to Choose a Career Path

Ace of Cups

One of the main questions that people ask me when we sit down to read their cards is “What job should I take,” or “which direction should I go on my career path?”  The first time someone asked me this, I had no idea what the cards would reveal, or if they would reveal anything.  Yes, I doubted I would have the perfect answer for my Querent, but in my curiosity, I lay the cards before me, and VOLA!  This person was clearly needing a better income, but he also needed a creative outlet, so I encouraged him to go for the position that supported both his financial needs, while allowing him to be creative.  He had two choices.  The other position was comfortable and safe, but not necessarily cultivating his creativity.  The Tarot gave him clear direction.

About a month ago, I sat down with a man who was upset because his wife chose a job that wasn’t financially abundant.  He was clearly distraught about it.  When I pulled his cards, they revealed that the new job was emotionally fulfilling for his wife, and they also showed that he was in fear about money.  I explained to him that he should be supportive of his wife’s choice, because it was clearly making her happy.  He was also a business owner, so I encouraged him to let go of his fear surrounding money, while honoring his partner’s choice, and the money would come, perhaps through his own business.

Most of the time we think it’s money that we need, when really, we need to choose a career that supports us emotionally, and creatively.  Some of us need to feel a sense of community in our careers.  Others need to feel independent, and enjoy being alone.  Whatever the case, money is rarely the issue.  When we take care of ourselves and focus on our needs, it seems that everything else falls right into place for us, and the money shows up.  We open a channel for abundance to flow toward us.

If you sit down with me to ask what career path you should choose, the cards will reveal what your deepest needs are, and then I’ll send you on your way with a smile, and some clear direction.  That’s what I do!

Come visit me at the Fairfax Community Farmer’s Markets on Wednesday evenings.  Let’s do this!




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