Children are Drawn to the Tarot

Tarot and Children

What is it about the Tarot that draws children right to my table?  I have had this experience since I began doing farmer’s markets a couple of months ago.  Every time I set up my table at a market, I have at least one child who wants a reading, and several others who are drawn to the cards.

“What is this?”  They ask with bright eyes and curiosity about the unknown, which doesn’t frighten them.

“It’s called the Tarot,” I reply with a smile.  “Do you want to pick a few cards, and I’ll tell you what they mean?”

The children become so excited when I offer them a reading, and they absorb any information I give them about the cards they chose.  I’ve never seen more inquiring eyes and broader smiles than when I sit down with a child to read their Tarot.  Usually, they come back with a parent, and talk their mom or dad into having a reading.

Children are my favorite Querents because they aren’t only getting information about themselves – they’re actually interested in learning what the pictures on the cards represent.  Usually people who come to my table are drawn by their curiosity, or because they need to talk to someone about what’s going on in their lives, but children are of a different nature.  They naturally listen to their intuition, and they have a hunger for learning.  Every time a child sits across from me and listens so intently to each word I say, I have a difficult time holding back tears.  There is such a beautiful energy exchange when it comes to having a one-on-one with a child.  They’re incredibly open, and their heart touches mine without any effort on my part.  I feel the expansion of my heart every time I talk to a child.  They’re not guarded, fearful, or critical.  They have a faith in life that we forget as adults.   This is how to be.  This is a person with a clear subconscious, who acts on their instinct, and isn’t blinded or restricted by fear.

Last night I had an ongoing flow of people coming to my table.  It was amazing, especially because I had spent some time envisioning a stream of people approaching my table.  There wasn’t five minutes without a person sitting down with me, including a couple of children.  One child was a young teenager.  He was with his mom, and very excited about receiving a reading.  It was his idea to have a reading.  He didn’t have a question to ask, so I let his cards lead the way.  It was a difficult reading because he pulled the Tower, which means that something in his life will be shaken up, or is being shaken up.  I didn’t like having to offer that information to him, and he couldn’t really relate to it.  I was soft about how I explained what the cards meant, and I also let him know that whatever he was about to experience, was going to set him on the right path of his life.  The King of Wands was there to give him clear direction, and I encouraged him to follow his passion.  He enjoyed the reading, although I felt a little apprehensive about it.

The Tower

After he left, his mom sat down to have a reading.  As I lay out her Celtic Cross spread, she shared with me some information that included her son.  He had no idea what she was facing at home, and what was happening in his family unit.  His cards began making much more sense to me.  There was a disconnection in their family, of which her son had no idea.  Her cards reflected the issue at hand, and also offered her clarity on her role during this time, and how powerful she truly was, especially if she followed her soul’s lead instead of succumbing to things that no longer served her well-being.

We talked for a short time afterward.  When she left, I wished I had read her cards and talked to her first before reading her son’s, but then again – the cards never lie, even if I’m not completely clear on the circumstances of their lives.  I explained to the boy that something would shake up his world, but it was not the end of the world for him.  I also left him with an understanding that it was up to him to really go after what he was drawn toward in his life, and to not allow anything to get in his way, including “friends” who didn’t have his best interest in mind.  His reading was very clear, but difficult to offer.  The interesting thing was, it didn’t frighten him at all.  He was incredibly receptive, and grateful for the information.

Usually when anyone sits down with me, they open up about things they would never talk about in a casual situation.  Children really tap into how they relate to each card.  They openly share how they relate to the archetypes, and they always (always) walk away smiling.  It’s an amazing experience – probably more amazing for me than it is for them.

The thing about the Tarot is that I’m receiving just as much from connecting to other human beings as they are from receiving clarity from me when I read their cards.  It’s an exchange of energy that leaves me feeling invigorated.  Sitting there last night, I knew I was exactly where I am supposed to be.  The information that poured out of me came naturally.  I was in my element.  I left their knowing that I have a responsibility to teach children what the Fool’s Journey means for them, and to connect them to their reality in a way that offers them wisdom and clarity.  All I want to do is to set up a booth on a corner and spend my life connecting with people the way I do when I’m at the farmer’s markets, observing bright, inquisitive eyes, and feeling my heart expanding throughout my being.




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