Letting Go of Everything (and Everyone) That Doesn’t Add Up to Your Vision for Your Life

Letting Go

The last few Tarot Reading sessions I’ve done, there has been a common and specific message for almost everyone who has sat across from me.  The message is a little bit scary to hear, even for me, but it is very rich and clear.  Most people who ask me for a reading want to know “which choice to make,” whether it has to do with a job, a potential partner, or purchasing or selling a home… people need guidance when making choices.  Each time I do these types of readings, the spread shows me exactly what energy supports the person asking the question.  It is often emotional sustenance they need, but sometimes it is financial.  Quite often, the cards remind us to remain on the path of our soul’s calling, especially if we are clear on what that calling is, but even if you are not clear, you can know what is right for you by how your sacral chakra area feels when you ask yourself what choice is the best choice.

If you feel nothing in your sacral area when you think about taking one path (even if the path is logically the best path), and you feel something flutter deep inside of you when you think about another path (even if that path doesn’t make the best sense, logically), then the right choice is to take the path that invokes the flutter.  Part of my job as a Tarot Reader is to encourage people to follow their joy, but it is a thousand times “easier” for people (including me) to take the logical route.  (You know – the route that makes more sense when it comes to stability.)  I don’t often take my own advice when it comes to my life choices, although I’ve come a long way, and I do follow the inner flutter more often than not these days.

But then there are the choices before us where we have absolutely no clarity because our emotions are too heavily invested in a person, place, or thing although it is probably not the best choice for us.  It is so important that we go deep inside of our being to know what is right and what is wrong for us, because emotions will lead us toward something out of sentiment (instead of out of what’s right for us), and our minds will lead us toward whatever makes logical sense (instead of what’s best for us).  It’s that deep down feeling from where we should navigate when it comes to following the “right” path in our lives.  Sometimes it’s subtle though, which is why asking the Tarot for guidance could be a good way to receive clarity.

The message that has been coming across in the cards is that we need to let go of everything (and everyone) that does not add up to our life’s purpose.  What is my life’s purpose, you may ask.  If you don’t know, then it’s important that you create a vision for your life, so that making decisions becomes easier.  Whatever doesn’t add up to that vision (sorry to put it so bluntly) – needs to go!  (SEE YA!)  Now, there are people in our lives who don’t exactly add up to our life’s vision, who we may not be able to relinquish, but I think of those people as quiet teachers in my life who bring up emotions within me for the soul purpose of helping me to heal.  When those people are around me, I need to pay attention to what goes on for me emotionally so that I can move through my “stuff” that doesn’t add up to my life’s purpose.

Almost everyone I encounter has the potential to play a role in helping me move through emotional baggage, so when I say to rid yourself of people, I’m specifically talking about friends, partners, and family members who are either abusive, or negative.  Negativity will bring us down, so it’s important to stay away from that kind of energy.  We can encourage negative people toward positive thinking, but if they are comfortable in their negativity, then it’s impossible to help them see the light, so sometimes we need to let go of our desire to “help” them.  It is not in our best interest to try and change anyone.  People have to desire change in the first place.  Acceptance of who they are is the path of least resistance for us.

Ah-ha!  Take the path of least resistance.  What does that even mean?  It means that you should (again) listen to your inner being for resistance that you feel (hesitation) when you are making decisions.  If you feel resistance (and I’m not talking about fear here), it’s a good indication that the person, place, or thing is probably not right for you.  Fear, on the other hand, can often (more often than not) be an arrow pointing you in the right direction.  I learned a long time ago, that the mountains we need to move in our lives, are simply fear and doubt.  If we move those two hideous mountains, the world opens up for us like nothing we could have even begun to imagine.

To put it simply – when making decisions, we need to relinquish whatever (or whomever) doesn’t add up to our well-being.  That’s the bottom line.  It’s very simple, but not easy.  I challenge you this week to begin letting go of people, places, and things that do not add up to who you truly are.  (And I’ll do the same – I promise!)







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