The Honor of Being YOU, and to What Do You Owe Your Life

High Priestess

Sometimes we need to make the hard choices in order to live in alignment with our soul.  The choices can be terribly painful to make.  They can include being uncomfortable for a time, but to what do I owe the honor of my life?  Do I live my life to make other people happy, or do I live my life in accordance with who I truly am?  People can make it nearly impossible for us to let go of something that makes them feel secure.  They are so fearful for their impending experience of discomfort, that they’ll do everything they can to persuade you to remain in a situation that doesn’t serve you in any way.  It could be any circumstance – a boss that won’t allow you to move on.  A friend who doesn’t want you to move away.  A partner who doesn’t want to break up.  A spouse who doesn’t want you to take on more activities.  Whatever the case, people in our lives will often manipulate us to remain in situations that don’t serve us, simply because they are terrified of change.  How incredibly selfish.  We should identify this type of behavior in people, and decide not to buy into it.

Change can be difficult, but it can also be a grand opportunity to shift into our highest and best purpose.  I have made difficult changes throughout my life – some of them by choice, and some of them because the universe tossed me out of the plane just to remind me that a parachute awaits my free-fall.  There have been changes I made that were so hard, I wept for months afterward, wishing I didn’t have to make the choice, while knowing deep inside that it was the best thing for all parties involved.  The end result is always the same – MAGIC.  Although it may take a while to get there.  Remain on the path.  Don’t give up.  Trust in your life.

Some people don’t know what’s best for them, but we should know what’s best for us, and we should live accordingly.  It’s not easy to follow the path of the soul.  It can be lonely, devastating, and full of blind spots.  Most of the time – when it’s devastating – it’s because I didn’t listen to the voice of my soul to begin with, so I went ahead and made a choice that didn’t serve me from the get go.  My ego took over for a time, and then (at some point) I woke up and realized I was in a world of chaos because I wasn’t paying attention.  I can remain in a situation, and be comfortable, but also unsatisfied, or I can make the hard choice to let go, and go through a little bit of hell just to open myself back up to opportunity.  Usually those circumstances are full of learning experiences, and I take it for all it’s worth, but the consequences of not following the guidance of my soul are usually the most painful.  You would think I should have learned by now, but subconscious wounds have a way of dragging us into less than ideal situations.  It’s okay.  I practice compassion for myself.  I visualize the little girl who was once neglected, scoop her up in my arms, and offer her love that she didn’t receive when she really needed it.  That’s called, “soul healing.”  Sometimes we need to piece together the parts of ourselves that got left behind from trauma, and reconnect.  We can do this through our dreaming, or in meditation.  We can do it consciously when we find ourselves making bad decisions just to fill a void, which is usually caused from a past trauma.

When we don’t have closure in a situation, our minds want to go crazy, but we can choose to see this as an opportunity to do some serious inner work.  We can go inward and nurture ourselves, practice compassion, while identifying where we lost touch with ourselves.  We can choose wholeness instead of feeling lost.  We can chose to feel empowered instead of going down into a dark tunnel of sadness.  If we are experiencing a difficult change, and no one is supporting us through it, we have a major opening to reconnect with ourselves.  No one outside of us can heal us.  They can make things feel better, but it is truly up to you to center yourself and find peace within, instead of trying to fill another void.

Don’t we owe it to ourselves to do what’s best for ourselves?  No matter how uncomfortable it can be, having the courage to follow the path of your soul is going to take you to places you couldn’t have dreamed about while you were busy trying to remain comfortable.  It can feel raw, and emotions may bounce all around in your body, but eventually you’ll find yourself surrounded in magic, and you’ll thank yourself for not buying into the lie of fear.

You can’t reach your full potential if you’re constantly trying to fill the void of your ego.  Your ego is filled with fear, and limitation.  Your soul has no fear, and it is limitless.  Choose the path that supports a purpose-filled life, instead of the road that stifles your growth.  You are braver than you know.  You are greater than you can even imagine.  You are here to go the distance, so don’t cave into your fear.  KNOW YOURSELF, and understand that this entire journey is a soul journey.  Everything physical shall pass.  Your pain will pass.  You discomfort will pass.  What you don’t want to pass you by, is the rest of your life, which can be rich with joy if you simply make the choice that aligns with who you truly are.




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