Using Intuition More than Depending on the Meaning of Each Tarot Card

P of S

After several years of sitting face to face with clients and reading their Tarot, I can say without embarrassment that sometimes the spread of the cards doesn’t make sense.  At first.  Other times, cards are pulled that do not align with the question a client asked, or there are such complicated spreads with various energies reflected at once that it is difficult to make sense of anything.

As a professional, what do I do in these situations?

First off, I don’t panic.  Never has anyone walked away from my table without some knowledge, wisdom or clarity that they didn’t embody before they sat down.

Second, I don’t think about the cards too much.  They will speak to me.  They always do.  Sometimes it is a matter of asking my client to share more about their current situation or asking them if the question they asked is the most pressing thing on their hearts.  If someone asks about their job situation yet the cards reflect a relationship issue, I point them inward and ask if a relationship situation is on the forefront of their heart (above the job).  The answer is always “yes,” and the client generally receives a rush of validation regarding a circumstance that they have tucked away in their mind, believing that other issues are more important.

When a client doesn’t divulge too much information or ask a specific question for guidance, and the cards don’t seem to add up to any particular message, I audibly go over each card and their meaning until something clicks for the person sitting across from me.  At that point, the client opens up and we are able to receive clarity together.

Some people are so blown away by the directness of the cards that they don’t even care for me to finish going through the entire spread.  Whatever I shared with them resonates so deeply that they just want to thank me and pay me while expressing gratitude for the confirmation or validation they needed.  This is rare, but it has happened a handful of times.

Third, there are so many layers to the human experience, in the cards, and with where a person needs guidance that it is more revealing to listen to my intuition about a client than to refer to each card for answers.  After a spread is pulled, I give it a quick glance, form an overall picture, and then open my mouth and allow the reading to flow out of me.  Usually I will say the exact message that the client recently heard or I’ll hit a key word that hits them and validates the reading.

The more readings I do, the more the Tarot reveals its complexity and the more I tap deeper into my intuition.  Lately I have been receiving clarity from the cards in such detail yet it doesn’t exactly add up to the meaning of each card.  A card can offer several different messages according to its placement, and many times the cards speak to me differently than their definition in a book of Tarot meanings.

Don’t get me wrong, when I first learned to read the Tarot, I often referred to the manuals for direction, but over the years the cards have begun to speak to me uniquely.  Take the Page of Swords for example.  This card is usually defined as positive, energetic and someone who is ready to go forth with many ideas, but each time I see this card, I see an immature person who won’t let go of the past.  They are also self-destructive and in heavy situations that need to be weighted out, the Page of Swords will cut off his nose despite his face.

When a client asks about a potential partner, and the Page of Swords appears, I warn them that the person may be immature.  Each time I have offered this information, the client nods their head in total agreement.  “They are immature,” the client might reply.

I’m convinced that when we open ourselves up to our intuition the cards will present different messages according to the client’s circumstances and according to the way a reader sees the cards despite their common meaning.  Many of the cards have multiple meanings anyway, but they may suddenly puncture a message into my heart that I had never received before.  Often I am blown away by this.

The other day, I did a reading for my partner and me.  We were in a situation that neither of us could reason through.  We had decisions to make, but logic wasn’t working.  We needed to come to an important agreement, but there was a gap between our personal needs.  It felt complicated, but something kept telling me, Don’t try to figure it out.  Feel it out instead.  I grabbed my deck of cards and both of us pulled five cards for a ten-card Celtic Cross reading.  An overall view for clarity.

When I first looked at the cards, I was disappointed.  There was a lot going on, and the last card indicated that we would give into immaturity instead of receiving clarity by working with and through our emotions.

A little background here: When we first came together last year, we wanted a “different” kind of relationship that reflected our healing instead of provoking our pain bodies (wounds).  For the most part, we have been honest about our emotions instead of pointing our fingers and projecting our fears onto the other party, but we’ve also gotten lazy and distracted, so we haven’t been doing the work consciously.

In this particular Tarot spread, it was a reminder that we were not only on a spiritual and physical journey together, but we are on an emotional journey.  The cards, though first complicated to make out, clearly stated that we were supposed to be going inward instead of thinking our way through our situation.  Feel your way through…  The outcome card (though disappointing) was indicative that one of us would cut off the flow of the relationship due to fears instead of going inward and weighing everything out.

The next day, a quick and painful decision was made about the relationship, but because I was clear about the message of the reading and clear that we were simply working through emotions, I didn’t buy into the rapid decision.  We weren’t coming to a mutual agreement, so by cutting off the relationship for a few minutes, both of us were able to feel a lot more.  We were both able to weigh out what we truly wanted and to see beyond the superficial layer of emotion.  We both dropped deep into our true feelings and each of us received clarity about our deepest needs.

The end result was not a final decision, but a new fluid perspective.  The entire time we were trying to meet halfway in the middle, we merely needed to shift our perspectives.  It was an enlightening experience and I am grateful that I referred to the cards the night before and didn’t give into my fears of the moment, which swiftly passed.  Even though a quick decision was made, it offered an opportunity to drop down into our true feelings so that we could weigh things out accordingly (instead of thinking so much).

Without a person to interpret the Tarot, it is merely a stack of cards with amazing imagery and symbols.  It takes a person to offer an interpretation.  It also takes another person who presents the need for clarity.  The more I read for people, the less I pay attention to the general meaning of the cards and the more I listen and feel my inner self.  The cards (for me) are a powerful tool which narrows down a complicated circumstance into something much more digestible.

Most people come to my table confused about something or someone, but when I have the cards for guidance, I am able to get to the core of the situation and to see beyond the obvious limitations into the greater reality that reflects the overall well-being of the individual.  The Tarot guides me toward inner truth.  Most people are bogged down by details and decisions and logic, but when I read the Tarot, I remind them to go inward toward what they truly “feel.”

We all have the answers inside of our own being.  When I do a reading, I love directing people back to themselves.  My greatest gift isn’t reading the cards, or giving someone clarity.  My greatest gift is being able to remind my client that the answer was with them all along.



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How the Art of Tarot Reconnected Me to My Writing During a Time of Grief

Power of Writing

I never expected my mother to pass away before me. I know that must sound odd, but she was only seventeen years older than me, and much more responsible with her life and less self-destructive.  I’d often imagine us living in a luxurious retirement home together playing gin rummy on plastic food trays and bantering like old bags until one of us kicked off, but I believed that I would leave this world first, for sure.

That was honestly my image.  I could never envision my mom not a part of my life.  She was a dominant energy in my space until the day she left her cancer ridden body, just two months after she was diagnosed.  At the ripe age of forty, I had never once grieved for the loss of a loved one.  That was fortunate, but also devastating to go through my first bout of grief over my young mother.  She was in her late fifties.  She missed out on growing old, and I guess there is something kind of beautiful about her leaving her body before it aged.

The entire two months she was bed-ridden, I wrote a blog called, ‘Ramona’s Journey of Transcendence.’  That is how I channeled my pain, and kept friends and family up to date on her experience.  Everyone loved it.  Many people said it helped them through the difficult time.  That has always been the gift of my writing.  I could never sit down and counsel someone, but I could write them a letter and offer them powerful guidance.

After she passed, I didn’t have a written word in me.  My writing was swallowed by grief.  That was the first time I have ever experienced what they call, “writer’s block,” and it was frustrating, but I knew it was temporary.  I’ve always been a writer.  I knew it would flow again someday, so I placed the laptop aside and started getting into the Tarot.

I had already been using Tarot cards for a couple of years, but I hadn’t placed my heart and soul into it yet.  I knew the cards well, but I played it safe until I felt a tug to step out into the world with my gift to read.  I emailed the local farmer’s markets and asked if they had room for me.  Fortunately, they did, and then I became terrified.  Within a few weeks, I had my own table set up at the Wednesday night markets.  The first few times, it was nerve wracking, but everyone who sat across from me at my table, walked away with a smile on their face.  By summer, I had a canopy donated to me and created a beautiful space at the local festival where I made a killing.

But it wasn’t the money that motivated me.  It was the connection to the people, and the way words flowed through me.  Sometimes I received so much information that I couldn’t keep up with the message channeling through me for my Querents.  It was fascinating.  My heart exploded the way it did whenever I wrote.  Whatever fulfillment I receive from writing, I received equally from the Tarot, and then one day, about a year after my mom’s passing, my writing began flowing again.

It was a beautiful January morning.  I woke up to the sun glowing over the canyon where we lived and stared out the window with gratitude.  “Why did my writing go away for a year?” I asked aloud.  Then the answer was gifted to me right through my gut, “Because we needed to connect your writing voice with your speaking voice.”


This made perfect sense to me.  I had been suffering for years with an inability to articulate the way I wrote.  It was a nightmare.  Whenever I talked with people, unless I was incredibly comfortable with them, I could never summon up words the way I did through my fingers.  This drove me mad.  It was a disability.  I had a desire to write books and to speak to crowds of people, but how could I do that when I drew a blank whenever I started speaking?  But Tarot reading, you see, gave me the ability to sit in front of people and offer wisdom the way I did with writing.  It was such a beautiful connection.  I had no idea that the Tarot and writing could go hand-in-hand, but apparently, they do!

Whenever I have a desire, like wanting to be able to speak the way I write, it summons a journey.  Once the desire is born, the journey begins, and although I wasn’t aware of this particular journey, I intuitively trusted the flow of my life at the time.  When it all came together that morning when the brilliant sun woke me up and filled my heart with gratitude, I felt incredibly blessed to be loved so much by the universe that it took the time to gift me in such a dynamic way.  This is what I live for.

So today I ask myself what my next journey shall be?  What are my lingering desires?  What visions do I have for my life.  What is the next step forward?  I’m going to take a morning hike and feel that out.  I suggest you do the same.  It’s a powerful way to live and to thrive!


Jenn Forbes

Link to Ramona’s Journey of Transcendence on Amazon:




A Silent World Within an Obvious One

Silent World

When people enter my canopy to receive a Tarot reading, they are generally asking for understanding or direction that they are unable to see.  Through images and symbols, the cards reveal an energetic realm of reality beyond the obvious one.  It never ceases to amaze me how children are drawn to my tent.  They are the seers of the quiet reality of imagination, play, spirit, and the richness of presence that we have forgotten as adults because we are so caught up in the dramas of physical reality.  Children navigate with unadulterated intuition, and they feel the energetic difference of my Tarot space, which is why they stop and ask me (or their parents) what I’m doing, and often want a reading.

As Adults, demanded to play the game of physical reality, we lose our insight, which is why connecting with children is a bridge to our soul, and the Tarot is a wonderful tool to reveal that which we cannot see.  The symbols and poetry that derive from a spread is a reminder to feel our way through life and to recall the big picture, or the spiritual picture of our lives, which is the quiet influence beyond our day-to-day happenings.

I just spent a year of my life unfortunately being caught up in the messy dynamics of physical reality.  What brought it on was being slammed into grief after my mother’s passing.  For my entire life, I’ve been aware of the big picture beyond the details of daily dramas, and I’ve generally held a graceful position in messy situations knowing that I can move energy by taking a stance beyond the obvious plights.  For example, in the dynamics of competition and jealousy, I was able to maintain my wholeness, and avoid getting caught up into the web of dramas.  By me knowing who I am, and not feeding into people’s (or my own) insecurities, I have observed messy situations either dissipate quickly, or witnessed them expand into something beautiful, and nonconforming to common outcomes.

Throughout my life I’ve often assisted people in seeing the bigger picture without the use of Tarot cards, and made it my own practice to see beyond the obvious in order to manipulate (which isn’t the best word to use here) heavy energy into something lighter and more fluid, resulting in magical results.  So when my mom passed away, and I felt physical reality clamp down on me like the jaws of a wretched beast, my spiritual knowing went out the window.  Stuck within the confining labyrinth of my mind, I was unable to maintain my ability to see past the obvious.  It’s like a steel wall came between me and my power to reach for the quiet world beyond this one.  I was haunted within the walls of my own limited thinking, and it’s taken me nearly two years to get beyond it.

I can see again now, which is relieving (to say the very least), but I’m still ashamed of the way I handled my life during that heavy time.  It was tormenting to believe in my fears so fiercely that I behaved from that limited space, which was damaging and terribly draining.  I literally lost myself.  To be back in my wholeness again, after such a dreadful hiatus, is very grounding.  Plus there were lessons learned, and old traumas I faced, so it wasn’t an experience of complete failure.  It actually reminded me of my own humanness, which a humble experience of understanding that I’m not beyond this world.  I’m right up in it… and thank Goddess.  I wouldn’t want to be here without contrast and darkness for my own personal growth.  There was a consciousness expansion in all of this – for sure – but it was a terribly tumultuous way to wake up, and I hope to not go through that again, because believing in the realm of physical reality without insight into the spiritual reality is like being in prison.  You’re facing time in your own mind, which is hell.

Even using the Tarot during that time did not assist me into the greater picture of my life.  I could read for other people, but all I saw for myself was whatever was occurring right in front of me.  The cards were one-dimensional.  I believe my own soul must have cut me off from its Source, perhaps to wake me up in a way I’ve never been able to wake up before because I was so hyper-aware of the spiritual realm.  Even in my days of drug and alcohol use, I couldn’t get away from Spirit.  I often had out of body experiences, and rich insights through dreaming that I couldn’t drown out.  Whatever this experience was where I was so disconnected, was a deliberate act on the part of my higher-self.  At least, I feel it was.  Who knows for certain?  But the bottom line is that I took the journey willingly.  I knew I was just going through something, although completely in the dark, and I drudged through it like a prisoner swimming through sewage, moving toward their freedom.

It’s important that we remind ourselves in painful situations, that we are moving forward.  Life continues on even when we feel stagnant.  No matter what I’ve been through, I’ve always come out on the other side of it with rich insight, deeper understanding, and intense emotional and spiritual growth, because I know my life here is a temporary experience where my soul is expanding and expressing itself through the limitations of this reality, so I’m always having that experience.  I know what this place represents for me, but when it feels so real that you can’t claw your way out of your fear, try to relinquish the need to be somewhere else than where you are.  Allow your fear to consume you for a while.  Express it if you have to, like I did, even though it’s not a graceful way to be, because the way out of fear is shining a light on it, rather than buying into it or resisting it.

If you ever get into this confining space that I was in, or if you feel like you have lived your life believing that physical reality is REAL, rather than knowing that it is an illusion, then there are tools for you to bring you back to Spirit.  Children are a bridge.  The Tarot is a beautiful tool.  There are spiritual guides all around us, including nature.  Tap in.  Reach out.  Recall the deeper truths of this dense space that demands you of your time and resources.  This is your life, and your opportunity to wake up to your soul journey while you are here.  Don’t get stuck in the dramas of physical reality, or you’re completely missing out on the magic of your greater existence.







You Can Choose JOY Amid Bad Circumstances (Trust Me)

Let me get right to the point.  If you’re going through a difficult time, and you’re tired of feeling depressed, or fearful, you can shift it into a good experience.  You are the Author of your life, and you can control your thoughts.  Your thoughts directly affect your emotions, so if you’re a mindful person who has done a lot of work with meditation, or through learning to create your reality by how you think, this should be easy enough for you.  If you’re someone who has no clue about any of these applications, then I suggest beginning with the book that changed the entire course of my life.  ‘The Power of NOW,’ by Eckhardt Tolle.  Just go get it.  Read it.  Soak it up.

In 2007, after a devastating break up, I was desperately trying to find my way.  I was also a former Christian still trying to make sense of the Bible while applying the texts and lessons to my life.  ‘The Power of NOW’ sent me to my knees.  EVERYTHING I ever read in the Bible begin making sense in a way that I no longer felt disconnected from the teachings.  I began living them.  The words in the book simplified the teachings of Christ, and I have not been the same since.

Power of NOw

If you’re a friend of mine, I have a copy you can borrow, but I suggest getting your own copy to have on hand when you need a reminder.  I’m not getting paid to promote this book.  It literally saved my life.

With that said, here are my suggestions for moving through a difficult situation.  First and foremost, you need to feel everything you’re feeling.  Forget about everything you need to do, and take at least an hour, and sit with the hellish emotions.  Welcome them in.  Invite them into your experience like they are a guest in your home for a time.  Let any anger or sadness know that they are temporary guests, but for now… they are welcome to hang out.  Go through the pain.  Let it suffocate you.  Find gratitude around the fact that you can actually feel.  Feeling is INCREDIBLE.  It means your ALIVE.  If it’s anger you’re dealing with, even better.  Let the beast maul your being for as long as it needs to.  If it comes in waves – great.  Let it arise, and allow it to fall.  This is KEY if you’re going to get through anything emotional.

We tend to distract ourselves, drown out our emotions, or to ignore them while going through the motions of our lives.  The problem with this, is that you will never heal if you don’t allow yourself to FEEL.  You will continue attracting situations that bring up the same emotions until you actually experience your emotional body.  This is completely backwards from what we’ve been taught, but it is the truth.  Once you give attention to what is going on inside of you, physical reality will literally shift to reflect your healing.  I swear to Goddess.  It is the weirdest sh*t if you have never had this experience.  This life experience is an inside journey, not an outside journey.  The outside reflects our insides.  Ever wonder why you keep attracting the same kind of people into your life?  It’s because you haven’t taken the time to move through the emotions that these people evoke.  When people bring up emotions like anger, frustration, jealousy, etc., they are your cosmic mirror reflecting what you need to see in yourself in order for you to heal and become whole again.

Do not get this confused with toxic human beings who bring up negative emotions.  That is a whole different animal.  I suggest not being around toxic people at all.  They will suck your energy and send you on a downward spiral emotionally, and this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have toxicity inside of yourself to work on.  So, please don’t be confused about this.  Toxic people need to GO!  But if you seem to attract toxic people, then it is a good indication that you may be navigating from a victim space, instead of operating as a victor along your life path, so that’s something to be aware of as well.

Ok, so you took the time to sit with your emotions, and you may have had an experience where you feel an alchemical shift inside of your body.  For example – one time I sat with my rage for about three days straight, and on the third day, it alchemized inside of my gut into joy.  This is because emotions are like a color spectrum.  Joy and anger are two sides of the same coin.  If you sit with your emotions long enough, they will shift, or they will get tired of you shining a light on them, and they will eventually move through you until there is an open space of love and joy.  From darkness, to light.  

Once you feel like you’ve done the work with your emotional body, it’s time to work on your thoughts.  Pay attention to your thoughts without judgement, like you’re watching a film from a distance.  Don’t buy into them.  Especially don’t buy into your fear.  Let all the thoughts pass like a moving train.  Even if they recycle (which they will) – just keep allowing them to pass, while you move about your day doing whatever you need to do.  If you have time to nurture yourself, I highly suggest doing that.  Eat healthy, exercise, and spend time with friends and family who are uplifting.  If you work full time, you can do this practice at your desk.  You can also sit with your emotions at work.  Take a walk if you can.  Take a long walk in nature, and reconnect to the world around you.  The worst thing we can do when we’re going through a difficult time, is to isolate ourselves.  I used to do that, and I no longer do it because it just brings on more depression.  Being alone in nature can be extremely healing.  Or maybe you enjoy shopping more than you enjoy nature.  Whatever helps you feel connected.

Finally, you need to have a vision for where you want your life to be, no matter how bad things are right now.  You need to see yourself at your highest potential.  You need to imagine yourself surrounded by people who are healthy, loving, fun, and on the path of self-awareness.  If you have goals, it’s time to visualize yourself meeting those goals.  Write down where you want to be, what you long to have, and the kind of partner who would enhance your life experience.  Everything that makes you feel excited inside, is where you want to place your attention now.  This is so important for moving from depression into joy.  Be like a child and picture everything that makes you happy without any doubt, or without allowing negative thoughts to distort your vision.  Don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars.  Whatever makes you feel incredibly happy, is GOOD.  Just go there and keep going to that space until you feel like you shifted from a bad situation, into JOY.  NOTE: It is important to carry gratitude with you at all times.  Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations we can embody.  Sometimes we focus on what we lack, instead of being grateful for all that we have.  We need to remember to be grateful.  The universe gives us more of what we focus on, so if you focus on lack… guess what?

Finally – now it’s time to move in the direction of your goals and dreams.  Make it happen by letting go of everything that doesn’t add up to where you want to be.  You don’t need to let go of everything over night, but make small shifts everyday.  Take time daily to work toward your life goals.  Don’t stop having that vision for your life.  Keeping that vision in mind, will shift your attitude so quickly, even if you don’t see yourself getting there for a long time.  If you can’t physically make things happen for yourself yet, keep writing them down, create a vision board, clear your thoughts to make room for that vision, and speak in the NOW, as if you are already living that life.  You can manifest anything when you already know you have it.

Another side note:  I have a tendency to believe that I am supposed to dwell in the emotions caused by my bad decisions because it is irresponsible not to, and I have an old belief that if I don’t think about the bad things that could happen, I’m being irresponsible.  Bullshit.  Don’t buy into that.  That’s old paradigm thinking.  Let that go.  There are no rules.  We are the Authors of our life experience.  You don’t “deserve” to suffer.  At all.  (Unless you’re a really awful person who hurts other people, or animals.  In that case – suffer away, sucker.)

I’m going through a difficult situation now.  It’s been over a week.  I was so uncomfortable that I wanted out of my skin, but I decided to write a poem about my feelings instead.  Afterward, I cried, and then the rest of the day, I felt much lighter.  Channeling our pain through art is another way to move through it quickly.  The next day, I sat with my sorrow, and allowed it to consume me.  The third day, I reached out to friends – and friends just happened to reach out to me without even knowing what was going on with me.  I don’t know how it happens, but when we consciously choose healing over suffering, the universe opens up for us and gives us everything we need to heal.

Trust in the flow of your life.  Your body and soul (just like nature) is constantly in a state of re-balancing itself.  It’s up to you to become aware of it, and to flow with it, instead of against it.




Sharing the LOVE Through Tarot

Tarot Love

Yesterday was a huge success at the Fairfax Festival.  Today is going to be another huge success because people are drawn to the table, and I am drawn to offering wisdom through the lens of the cards.  People of all ages expressed excitement when they saw my booth, which was invigorating.  At times, I had a line.  For seven hours, I didn’t have any time for reading a book like I thought I would.

I have to admit though, a lot of fear came up for me about doing the festival.  Especially yesterday after setting up.  My fear told me that I wouldn’t have anyone come through my tent.  It told me that I would fail.  It told me to pack up and leave right then and there.  I sat there in my chair listening to my fear, knowing that it was a lie.  I know how much my mind lies to me.  It’s literally my enemy.

I showed up for my life yesterday.  I went beyond my comfort zone and followed the inner urge to put myself out there.  I even received the gift of a free tent from a friend who no longer uses it.  I couldn’t believe that.  I had no excuses not to do the festival, except for my own laziness and fear, which I didn’t buy into this time.  I trusted in the calling of my soul, and I followed through.  What I received in return was a steady stream of beautiful souls asking me for guidance regarding their lives.  One man left my table saying, “Keep doing what you’re doing.”  I don’t recall anyone leaving without a smile, or tears.  I had a few tears too, when my interpretation of the cards confirmed what my Querents already knew.

This was my first festival, and definitely not my last.  There is nothing like sitting outside under the sun, watching children play, and observing people enjoying themselves.  The feeling of community was incredibly powerful.  I can’t believe I spend half of my life in a windowless office when I could be outside soaking up the love.  “It’s not practical,” my mind tells me.  “You can’t make a living reading Tarot cards.”

You wanna bet?

While I’m busy proving my mind wrong, I’m also connecting with human beings on a profound level.  How often do you meet someone who immediately tells you all of their current life circumstances, while expressing their real emotions?  How many times do you get to see someone reveal their truth past the thick layers of their persona?  How common is it that we have the opportunity to relate to someone we just met in such a dynamic way that we both cry tears of gratitude for the connection?  Yesterday, I had two people approach my table who were going through a tremendous amount of grief.  I was able to relate to them because I recently lost my mother.  Another person’s card reading was so brilliant that I had to take a photo of his spread.

“I have never seen anything like this,” I admitted.  “You must be on an incredible spiritual journey.”

“Have you ever heard of the Hero’s Journey?”  He questioned me.

“Yes, I’ve written an adult fable about it,” I smiled.  “I know all about the Hero’s Journey.”

He went on to tell me that his entire business was based around The Hero’s Journey.  I can’t wait to look it up.  The man was beaming with light and love for life.  The cards reflected this like nothing I have ever seen.

Yesterday I had some experiences that I haven’t had before while reading people’s cards.  I received messages from Spirit.  I relayed the messages, as if water poured from my lips.  There was no fear at all while I allowed Spirit to flow through me.  Certain words came to mind, and I did not hold back in relaying them.  I felt incredible urges in my gut to share the LOVE from Spirit to these beautiful souls.  I’m becoming a channel for LOVE.  It’s amazing how much Spirit wants us to know that she’s paying attention, and that she wants us to thrive, and to tap into her, and to follow her magical guidance.  I have never seen so many faces light up in such a short amount of time.  I.  AM.  BLESSED.  Beyond words.

Today is day two of the festival, and I’m excited to finish this article, get dressed in my finest Tarot reading attire, and to show up for my life again.  I’m excited to receive messages from Spirit, and to relay those messages to my fellow community members.  Reading Tarot has been surprisingly nurturing for me.  I never thought I would actually run with it, but I am, and it’s leading the way…

Like following a rainbow to a magnificent pot of gold.

Namaste (and come see me today if you’re around the area),


Here is a link to my Hero’s Journey Fable, ‘In Lieu of a Dragon Tale’ –