Sharing the LOVE Through Tarot

Tarot Love

Yesterday was a huge success at the Fairfax Festival.  Today is going to be another huge success because people are drawn to the table, and I am drawn to offering wisdom through the lens of the cards.  People of all ages expressed excitement when they saw my booth, which was invigorating.  At times, I had a line.  For seven hours, I didn’t have any time for reading a book like I thought I would.

I have to admit though, a lot of fear came up for me about doing the festival.  Especially yesterday after setting up.  My fear told me that I wouldn’t have anyone come through my tent.  It told me that I would fail.  It told me to pack up and leave right then and there.  I sat there in my chair listening to my fear, knowing that it was a lie.  I know how much my mind lies to me.  It’s literally my enemy.

I showed up for my life yesterday.  I went beyond my comfort zone and followed the inner urge to put myself out there.  I even received the gift of a free tent from a friend who no longer uses it.  I couldn’t believe that.  I had no excuses not to do the festival, except for my own laziness and fear, which I didn’t buy into this time.  I trusted in the calling of my soul, and I followed through.  What I received in return was a steady stream of beautiful souls asking me for guidance regarding their lives.  One man left my table saying, “Keep doing what you’re doing.”  I don’t recall anyone leaving without a smile, or tears.  I had a few tears too, when my interpretation of the cards confirmed what my Querents already knew.

This was my first festival, and definitely not my last.  There is nothing like sitting outside under the sun, watching children play, and observing people enjoying themselves.  The feeling of community was incredibly powerful.  I can’t believe I spend half of my life in a windowless office when I could be outside soaking up the love.  “It’s not practical,” my mind tells me.  “You can’t make a living reading Tarot cards.”

You wanna bet?

While I’m busy proving my mind wrong, I’m also connecting with human beings on a profound level.  How often do you meet someone who immediately tells you all of their current life circumstances, while expressing their real emotions?  How many times do you get to see someone reveal their truth past the thick layers of their persona?  How common is it that we have the opportunity to relate to someone we just met in such a dynamic way that we both cry tears of gratitude for the connection?  Yesterday, I had two people approach my table who were going through a tremendous amount of grief.  I was able to relate to them because I recently lost my mother.  Another person’s card reading was so brilliant that I had to take a photo of his spread.

“I have never seen anything like this,” I admitted.  “You must be on an incredible spiritual journey.”

“Have you ever heard of the Hero’s Journey?”  He questioned me.

“Yes, I’ve written an adult fable about it,” I smiled.  “I know all about the Hero’s Journey.”

He went on to tell me that his entire business was based around The Hero’s Journey.  I can’t wait to look it up.  The man was beaming with light and love for life.  The cards reflected this like nothing I have ever seen.

Yesterday I had some experiences that I haven’t had before while reading people’s cards.  I received messages from Spirit.  I relayed the messages, as if water poured from my lips.  There was no fear at all while I allowed Spirit to flow through me.  Certain words came to mind, and I did not hold back in relaying them.  I felt incredible urges in my gut to share the LOVE from Spirit to these beautiful souls.  I’m becoming a channel for LOVE.  It’s amazing how much Spirit wants us to know that she’s paying attention, and that she wants us to thrive, and to tap into her, and to follow her magical guidance.  I have never seen so many faces light up in such a short amount of time.  I.  AM.  BLESSED.  Beyond words.

Today is day two of the festival, and I’m excited to finish this article, get dressed in my finest Tarot reading attire, and to show up for my life again.  I’m excited to receive messages from Spirit, and to relay those messages to my fellow community members.  Reading Tarot has been surprisingly nurturing for me.  I never thought I would actually run with it, but I am, and it’s leading the way…

Like following a rainbow to a magnificent pot of gold.

Namaste (and come see me today if you’re around the area),


Here is a link to my Hero’s Journey Fable, ‘In Lieu of a Dragon Tale’ –


Children are Drawn to the Tarot

Tarot and Children

What is it about the Tarot that draws children right to my table?  I have had this experience since I began doing farmer’s markets a couple of months ago.  Every time I set up my table at a market, I have at least one child who wants a reading, and several others who are drawn to the cards.

“What is this?”  They ask with bright eyes and curiosity about the unknown, which doesn’t frighten them.

“It’s called the Tarot,” I reply with a smile.  “Do you want to pick a few cards, and I’ll tell you what they mean?”

The children become so excited when I offer them a reading, and they absorb any information I give them about the cards they chose.  I’ve never seen more inquiring eyes and broader smiles than when I sit down with a child to read their Tarot.  Usually, they come back with a parent, and talk their mom or dad into having a reading.

Children are my favorite Querents because they aren’t only getting information about themselves – they’re actually interested in learning what the pictures on the cards represent.  Usually people who come to my table are drawn by their curiosity, or because they need to talk to someone about what’s going on in their lives, but children are of a different nature.  They naturally listen to their intuition, and they have a hunger for learning.  Every time a child sits across from me and listens so intently to each word I say, I have a difficult time holding back tears.  There is such a beautiful energy exchange when it comes to having a one-on-one with a child.  They’re incredibly open, and their heart touches mine without any effort on my part.  I feel the expansion of my heart every time I talk to a child.  They’re not guarded, fearful, or critical.  They have a faith in life that we forget as adults.   This is how to be.  This is a person with a clear subconscious, who acts on their instinct, and isn’t blinded or restricted by fear.

Last night I had an ongoing flow of people coming to my table.  It was amazing, especially because I had spent some time envisioning a stream of people approaching my table.  There wasn’t five minutes without a person sitting down with me, including a couple of children.  One child was a young teenager.  He was with his mom, and very excited about receiving a reading.  It was his idea to have a reading.  He didn’t have a question to ask, so I let his cards lead the way.  It was a difficult reading because he pulled the Tower, which means that something in his life will be shaken up, or is being shaken up.  I didn’t like having to offer that information to him, and he couldn’t really relate to it.  I was soft about how I explained what the cards meant, and I also let him know that whatever he was about to experience, was going to set him on the right path of his life.  The King of Wands was there to give him clear direction, and I encouraged him to follow his passion.  He enjoyed the reading, although I felt a little apprehensive about it.

The Tower

After he left, his mom sat down to have a reading.  As I lay out her Celtic Cross spread, she shared with me some information that included her son.  He had no idea what she was facing at home, and what was happening in his family unit.  His cards began making much more sense to me.  There was a disconnection in their family, of which her son had no idea.  Her cards reflected the issue at hand, and also offered her clarity on her role during this time, and how powerful she truly was, especially if she followed her soul’s lead instead of succumbing to things that no longer served her well-being.

We talked for a short time afterward.  When she left, I wished I had read her cards and talked to her first before reading her son’s, but then again – the cards never lie, even if I’m not completely clear on the circumstances of their lives.  I explained to the boy that something would shake up his world, but it was not the end of the world for him.  I also left him with an understanding that it was up to him to really go after what he was drawn toward in his life, and to not allow anything to get in his way, including “friends” who didn’t have his best interest in mind.  His reading was very clear, but difficult to offer.  The interesting thing was, it didn’t frighten him at all.  He was incredibly receptive, and grateful for the information.

Usually when anyone sits down with me, they open up about things they would never talk about in a casual situation.  Children really tap into how they relate to each card.  They openly share how they relate to the archetypes, and they always (always) walk away smiling.  It’s an amazing experience – probably more amazing for me than it is for them.

The thing about the Tarot is that I’m receiving just as much from connecting to other human beings as they are from receiving clarity from me when I read their cards.  It’s an exchange of energy that leaves me feeling invigorated.  Sitting there last night, I knew I was exactly where I am supposed to be.  The information that poured out of me came naturally.  I was in my element.  I left their knowing that I have a responsibility to teach children what the Fool’s Journey means for them, and to connect them to their reality in a way that offers them wisdom and clarity.  All I want to do is to set up a booth on a corner and spend my life connecting with people the way I do when I’m at the farmer’s markets, observing bright, inquisitive eyes, and feeling my heart expanding throughout my being.



Using the Tarot to Choose a Career Path

Ace of Cups

One of the main questions that people ask me when we sit down to read their cards is “What job should I take,” or “which direction should I go on my career path?”  The first time someone asked me this, I had no idea what the cards would reveal, or if they would reveal anything.  Yes, I doubted I would have the perfect answer for my Querent, but in my curiosity, I lay the cards before me, and VOLA!  This person was clearly needing a better income, but he also needed a creative outlet, so I encouraged him to go for the position that supported both his financial needs, while allowing him to be creative.  He had two choices.  The other position was comfortable and safe, but not necessarily cultivating his creativity.  The Tarot gave him clear direction.

About a month ago, I sat down with a man who was upset because his wife chose a job that wasn’t financially abundant.  He was clearly distraught about it.  When I pulled his cards, they revealed that the new job was emotionally fulfilling for his wife, and they also showed that he was in fear about money.  I explained to him that he should be supportive of his wife’s choice, because it was clearly making her happy.  He was also a business owner, so I encouraged him to let go of his fear surrounding money, while honoring his partner’s choice, and the money would come, perhaps through his own business.

Most of the time we think it’s money that we need, when really, we need to choose a career that supports us emotionally, and creatively.  Some of us need to feel a sense of community in our careers.  Others need to feel independent, and enjoy being alone.  Whatever the case, money is rarely the issue.  When we take care of ourselves and focus on our needs, it seems that everything else falls right into place for us, and the money shows up.  We open a channel for abundance to flow toward us.

If you sit down with me to ask what career path you should choose, the cards will reveal what your deepest needs are, and then I’ll send you on your way with a smile, and some clear direction.  That’s what I do!

Come visit me at the Fairfax Community Farmer’s Markets on Wednesday evenings.  Let’s do this!



How Do You Choose a Tarot Deck, and How Long Does it Take to Learn to Read?

The Tarot

So many decks to choose from, and so many archetypes to learn.  How does one even begin?  I get these questions often, and I also wondered the same thing before I took on the challenge of embracing the Tarot.  For me, it was all about how I felt.  I recall the first time my former boyfriend (who taught me to read the Tarot) bought me a deck that he thought I would love.  The art was medieval and oppressive.  I couldn’t even call the artwork beautiful.  The first time I looked at the cards, I felt unhappy about them.  The faces of the characters were too solemn, and each card had the same grave feel.  After a couple of weeks, I finally admitted to him that I wasn’t vibing with the deck, hoping not to hurt his feelings.  He totally understood, and traded me for a deck he thought I would like better.  The art was much more light and uplifting.  I loved the new deck, and he actually resonated more with the medieval deck.  He was impressed with me for being so assertive and intuitive in choosing my cards.

When we begin reading Tarot, we may get a lot of suggestions on which deck is best to use, but no one can tell us which deck is right for us.  It’s a personal choice.  I do suggest learning from a deck that has the traditional seventy-eight cards and archetypes, prior to moving onto a less traditional deck.  I suggest this is because I originally learned from non-traditional decks, and when I did start working with a traditional deck, I had a difficult time changing my relationship with the cards.  It was like rewiring my brain, but it didn’t take long.  Because it was intimidating for me to remember seventy-eight cards, I began with a sixty-card deck, but the seventy-eight card deck was much more intriguing and engaging.  It took me longer to learn, but it was also the challenge that kept my interest.  My relationship with the cards was fueled by curiosity and fascination.  I went all the way with it because I was having entirely too much fun, like exploring a new lover.

I suggest taking your time visiting bookstores and metaphysical shops that sell Tarot cards.  Feel out the different decks of cards.  Take them out of the box, and spend time with the artwork.  If you don’t have time to physically shop, order a few decks online that seem like they would resonate.  Most Tarot Readers own several decks of cards.  I have two decks that resonate with me the most.  One is the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith, and the other is the Wild Unknown, which seems to be gaining popularity.  It’s a very simple, and intuitive deck, but there are different names for the court cards, so I would suggest learning the Wild Unknown after learning a traditional deck.  The most important thing about reading the Tarot, is that you feel extremely comfortable with the cards, to the point that you get excited when you see them.  It truly is like meeting a new person and taking the time and energy to explore them.  We need to be drawn to the cards in order to create a relationship with them.  We need to be interested in them so that we have the patience to learn them.

Depending on how much time you spend with your Tarot cards will determine how long it takes to form a relationship with them.  After three years (give or take) of learning the Tarot, I am still unfolding more information about the cards.  I don’t think it is possible to ever know the cards so well that they stop revealing more information.  Each symbol has depths and layers of language that speaks to the subconscious.  Every archetype has several strong qualities and multiple personalities, and depending on how the cards are placed, there are various interpretations.  According to what the Querent asks, the cards can offer many revelations.

My favorite way to read the Tarot is to observe the spread as if the cards have no individual meaning.  When they are laid out before me, a dynamic story is displayed.  Reading them this way seems to resonate more with my Querents.  It is much more authentic to read the cards by how they are placed than to read them according to their traditional meanings.  And I play around with this depending on who is sitting before me, and depending on how much information they offer me before I do the reading.  Every reading is different according to whom I’m offering information.  It truly is an art of intuition.  The Art of Tarot is about feeling.  If you aren’t much of a feeling-based person, it will be difficult to read people’s cards.

If you are feeling pulled by the Tarot, I invite you to follow your curiosity.  You don’t have to learn Tarot strictly to become a Tarot Reader.  It is a beautiful experience to learn the cards for yourself, and to understand the depths of the human experience through the Art of Tarot.  It’s a magical journey into the unknown, but especially into yourself.  Tarot reading has developed my intuition, built my social confidence, and been an incredible tool for relating to people.  When I sit down to read someone’s Tarot, I’m opening up the channel for more than a shallow conversation.  It has given me wings to soar with my wisdom.  I plan to go the distance with the cards, because that’s where my soul is leading me, but not everyone has to go that far with a deck of Tarot cards.  It’s an entirely personal journey.  Have fun with it, and be lighthearted with yourself around it.  Give yourself plenty of space and time to learn the cards, and don’t compare yourself with other Tarot readers.  It is an art, and with any art, we all have different (and brilliant) expressions.




Day of Resurrection


My dreams have always been vivid, often foretelling, and insightful.  Never have I taken my dreams for granted.  I recall sharing my dreams with my mother at the breakfast table, and eventually writing them down in order to understand the inner workings of my psyche and my emotional body.  Our dreams have the ability to purge our emotions, to quietly heal us, and to give us clarity.  If we take the time to honor our dreams, they can liberate us from the waking life situations that we tend to take so seriously.

Our culture does two things that stifle us spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.  One of them is that we don’t integrate our nighttime dream world into our waking world, and the other is that we don’t prepare for, or celebrate, death.  We tend to ignore both of these vital occurrences which we all have in this human experience.  This is such a shame.  I’m so grateful that my mother (who passed away in 2015) taught me to honor my dreams.  She was also a vivid dreamer.  Later in life, we often called each other whenever we had epic dreams.  She was great at interpreting mine, and vice versa.  I recall one dream I had that directly told me to ask my mom for the meaning.

It’s so interesting that on the dawn of the Day of Resurrection, I had a dream that my mother was alive.  In the dream, I told her all about the experiences we had while she was dying.  Her fifty-seven-year-old body was plagued with Cancer.  Her doctor prescribed Morphine to control her pain.  She was in a lot of pain, and I recall being concerned that her dosage wasn’t right.  I kept on top of her dosages, and told my family that I didn’t think we were giving her enough, but everyone was worried about overdosing her.  Finally, I talked to the Hospice nurse about how much pain she seemed to be in, and they asked how much Morphine we were giving her.  Turns out that we weren’t giving her the correct dosage.  She was supposed to have twice as much.  In the dream, I shared this with my mom, while crying out out to her about how sad the entire experience was for all of us.  After reliving the painful emotions, I woke up.

This is a perfect example of how we naturally purge our pain through the gift of our dreams.  In my waking life, I literally just told my daughter how I have been dwelling on that time when my mom was sick, and how sad I still feel about some of the things we did wrong, even though we were all doing our best to make her transition comfortable and loving.  None of us had any experience with caring for a human being who was dying, but we all offered our best to her.  We made mistakes, and that’s okay.  It’s okay that we didn’t do everything right.  I need to let go of my guilt around her time of passing.  My dream helped me to process my guilt.

I’ve been thinking about my dream all morning.  While driving down the rode, the sun rose before me.  It ignited the mountainesque landscape, and I thanked Great Spirit for my own rebirth.  Years ago, I would have been getting ready for church, celebrating the resurrection of a man named Jesus.  Things have changed for me.  I no longer celebrate something that I wasn’t there to observe for myself, but I do celebrate my own transformation.  I am aware that the story of Christ is a path that I can choose to walk.  It’s a very profound and dramatic example of how we should learn to die to our egos, and to navigate from our spirits while living in this physical reality.  For me, believing in someone else’s experience, did not change my experience.  What transformed my life, was learning to actually walk that narrow path of Christ.  To learn to love unconditionally, and to be kind and compassionate, has been more powerful than simply talking about someone else who did it (two thousand years ago).  Letting go of judgement is the biggest transformation of my life.   Although I am nowhere near getting over my judgement of myself and others, I am aware of my judgement now, and I am able to observe it more so than buying into it.

Over the years, I’ve dropped my need to compete with others, and found myself humble with a knowing that we are all in this together.  I understand that no one is above anyone else.  The hierarchy that we have all bought into, is an illusion of the human mind.  These roles that people play in this reality, are merely a facade.  Because I am so aware of this, I no longer have the need to prove myself to anyone.  My main goal is to become the most authentic version of myself as possible.  Everyday I am chipping away at old behaviors, reprogramming stagnant thought patterns that no longer serve me, and working on navigating from a loving place within myself, rather than buying into everything my mind tells me is true.  Our relentless minds are the Ego.  Ego is the Satan that I once used to fear.  My heart is the Christ that I must surrender to.  This is my understanding, and it is a powerful understanding that has made that biblical story more real to me than “believing” ever did.

Facing my mom in my dream, and sharing my pain with her was incredibly healing. Even if she is no longer with me in my waking life, her energy remains strong with me, and she often appears in my dreams.  Her memory and legacy remains with me, and with everyone who was fortunate enough to know her, and with those who received love from her.  The lessons she taught me will carry on through my children.  Her physical death was her spiritual transcendence.  I saw it all over her while she was dying.  I observed the way her body withered away as her spirit flew like a butterfly from its chrysalis.

The Day of Resurrection means more to me now than it ever has.  It’s a magnificent reminder that everyday I have a choice to either navigate from a limited space within myself, or to surrender into my wholeness, and to BE the LOVE that I truly Am.  We do not need to experience a physical death in order to transcend this limited human body.  We have the ability, right this instant, to die to our ego by not letting it rule our lives, and to recognize ego in other human beings, so that they cannot rule over our lives.  The minute you tell your ego that you’re aware of it, the minute your ego becomes powerless over you.

If you grew up in church like me, you most likely know the scripture, Matthew 16:23, where Jesus told his disciple, Peter, “Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.”

If Satan is actually an entity, why would Jesus call his own disciple this horrible name?  “Satan” is a title.  It is not an entity.  It is another word for the human ego (when it is ruling over someone).  Jesus said the same thing out in the desert while he was being tempted.  His mind (ego) wanted him to give into its fears.  He told it to “Get behind me Satan.”  He understood that he had power over his own fleshly desires.  When the concerns of man are more important to you than the natural laws of the universe, you can bet that you are navigating from your ego.

The ego is the fear in our bodies which believes it is protecting us, yet it is actually limiting us, and essentially destroying us.  For me, this Day of Resurrection is a time of renewal from the darkness of my fears (or winter), into the fruition of my spirit (or spring).  It is about moving out of the limited space of ego into the abundance of our hearts.  Your ego has a limited perspective.  Your heart has a boundless understanding.  If you don’t believe this to be true, ask yourself how you can experience LOVE when you cannot explain it?  Ego needs to prove its existence, while Spirit merely yearns for experience.

“Choose ye this day whom you will serve…”



When the Spirit is Working Steadily and Silently

Wheel of Fortune

Before I was ever a Tarot card reader, I was first and foremost a writer.  Writing has been my passion since the third grade.  Over the years however, my writing language has developed much more so than my public articulation.  A few years ago, I noticed that I wrote much better than I spoke, which really bothered me, so I began paying attention to how I formed my vocal words, and took challenging opportunities to speak in front of small crowds of people, even though I floundered and shook with intense nervousness.  (I often throw myself out to the wolves for exponential growth.)  The best thing for me is to be challenged, but I couldn’t stop judging myself.  How could there be such a disconnect from my voice to my fingers?  It was devastating to me, but I kept working on delivering my knowledge and wisdom through my speaking voice, especially in casual conversations, because it was so important to me to integrate my writing voice with my speaking voice.

My ultimate vision for my life is to speak in front of large crowds of people.  My goals are to travel, to speak, and to share my writing with the world.  I desperately suffered with this disconnection while yearning to speak as well as I wrote.  It was desire that burned inside of my gut.  If I was ever going to reach my goal, I needed to integrate the paradox.

At the time, I had NO idea that the Tarot would sweep me off my feet and pull me into it’s mysterious world, but it did, and I followed my curiosity.  The cards were so intimidating – all the symbols, numbers, and archetypes, but like I said, I lust after a challenge, especially when it is something that sparks my inner child, who gets excited and feels incredible joy that expands into my body.  Especially if it is mysterious and offers personal growth and self-actualization.  That’s what I’m all about.

My goal was to write one book per year, which I’ve done for several years.  The manuscripts blazed through my fingers like electricity through wires.  I had NO problem writing.  It was the easiest thing for me to do – like eating.  It excited me, and brought me closer to who I truly am.  I never thought I would lose that fire, but it’s been a year and a half, and I haven’t been able to write a book.  I don’t even have much to say, which is WEIRD.  I don’t ever use the term, “writer’s block,” because I didn’t feel blocked at all.  I just didn’t feel the pull to write, and I’m totally ok with going with the creative flow in my life.  The Tarot has been keeping my creative juices flowing, and taking up a lot of my personal time, so I wasn’t feeling empty of artistic value.  Over time, I began feeling confident enough to do readings for people (besides my friends and myself), and my readings have developed quickly.  The opportunities to read never cease.  I’m not even really trying to make this thing move in my life.  It’s actually pulling me along.  I have no fear about going into a reading, even with a skeptic.  In fact – BRING IT ON, baby.  The cards never lie, and I LOVE the personal connection I receive through the Tarot that I do not get when I’m sitting quietly and alone behind my laptop.  I love seeing people being blown away, and touched by my readings. I love hearing about how someone made a big decision after the reading, and how their life is flourishing because of it.

Fast forward to this morning while I lay wide awake under our window overlooking our lush and foresty backyard as the sun rose and radiated over the hills across the canyon.  I reflected on the prior evening.  I spent my entire night reading Tarot for many people.  It was EXHILERATING.  This morning, I gave myself a weekly reading, and it was RIGHT ON.  The cards never lie.  Usually I would want to get up and write for an hour or two, but I haven’t had anything to write about.  I pondered this.  When am I going to get back to that?  When is the book going to come? 

Suddenly, in a moment of clarity, I felt the Spirit speak to my soul.  You needed the Tarot to learn to speak.  You needed it to relate to people, and to feel a connection with people.  We needed to get you out from behind the screen and into the real world to help you reach your vision for your life.  This has been a time of integration for you.  The Tarot was a gift.  It is was you asked for, wasn’t it?  You wanted to connect your voice with your writing.

Holy crap.

Tears of gratitude filled my eyes, and trickled down my cheeks.  How could I have missed that?  In all this time, how could I not see the connection?  I mean, I know how Spirit works.  I’ve been spiritually aware since I was a child.  I am savvy about Spirit’s graciousness in my life, and how she embraces me, and always answers my prayers, but… she is often so silent about it that I nearly miss it.  How grand.  How mysterious.  How amazing to be in this body of matter, absorbed by spirit.  Today, I’m in awe.

Thank you, Great Spirit.  Thank you SO MUCH.



The Fool’s Journey


So what exactly do the 78 cards in a Tarot deck represent?  The first card in the deck is The Fool with a number 0 at the top.  The Fool stands on the edge of a cliff with the sun shining down upon him.  He carries a stick with a small sack hooked on the end.  In his other hand, he holds a white rose, while a white dog jumps at his heel.  He appears to be walking off the cliff without watching his step, but is he in danger?  No, he is not in danger.  The Fool represents new beginnings, and faith along his path.

The 78 cards in the Tarot reflect the Fool’s Journey.  The Fool is the sacred human spirit, and his journey is simply the Human Experience.  The small sack he holds is light, as he has not accumulated any unnecessary baggage, and the white rose represents innocence.  There are different interpretations for the white dog, but I see it as a tamed subconscious mind, or a subconscious that is clear.  As the fool makes his journey through the Tarot, his archetype changes, just like as we make our journey through our lives, we have several different experiences of ourselves, and we play various roles.

When one picks The Fool in their spread, it is a time for new beginnings, transformation, walking in faith, and trusting our experience without fear.  The Fool is fearless, just as the human spirit is fearless as it slips down into a material body for the full experience of an Earthly existence.  It never knows what’s in store, but it trusts in the guidance of the universe, and follows intuition.

Unfortunately, as we get older, and weighed down in our human conditioning, the sack we carry becomes heavier, and the dog (subconscious) may turn a darker color as it influences us like a quiet shadow over our lives.  The rose eventually withers, and we may find ourselves fearful instead of fearless, which is why the remaining cards in the Tarot deck reminds us to return to Spirit.  When one picks the Fool, it is an exciting returning to the soul, and a time of brand new beginnings.  The slate is wiped clean, and we remember to trust in the support of the universe, while following our intuition.

We all wear many masks throughout our lives, and travel both heavy and light at times.  Sometimes we are the teacher, while other times, we are the student.  You can think of the Tarot as the Fool’s Journey, and the entire deck as a reflection of the Spirit having a Human experience.  As we choose cards, we get to see where the Fool is travelling –  The Fool being our essence, and the experience being the many archetypes we become.  Our lives are every-changing and fluid, and each challenge is an opportunity for personal growth and learning, with constant reminders that our spiritual journey parallels with our daily routine.

This is why I love the Tarot so deeply.  It is a mirror of truth. This experience I’m having right now, is temporary, including all the emotions involved.  The Tarot returns me to the spiritual journey, and reminds me that my essence is light, and carefree.  I don’t need to carry so much baggage.  I am allowed to travel with ease, to trust in the guidance of my intuition, and to allow the inner light of my eternal Spirit to lead the way.