Letting Go of Everything (and Everyone) That Doesn’t Add Up to Your Vision for Your Life

Letting Go

The last few Tarot Reading sessions I’ve done, there has been a common and specific message for almost everyone who has sat across from me.  The message is a little bit scary to hear, even for me, but it is very rich and clear.  Most people who ask me for a reading want to know “which choice to make,” whether it has to do with a job, a potential partner, or purchasing or selling a home… people need guidance when making choices.  Each time I do these types of readings, the spread shows me exactly what energy supports the person asking the question.  It is often emotional sustenance they need, but sometimes it is financial.  Quite often, the cards remind us to remain on the path of our soul’s calling, especially if we are clear on what that calling is, but even if you are not clear, you can know what is right for you by how your sacral chakra area feels when you ask yourself what choice is the best choice.

If you feel nothing in your sacral area when you think about taking one path (even if the path is logically the best path), and you feel something flutter deep inside of you when you think about another path (even if that path doesn’t make the best sense, logically), then the right choice is to take the path that invokes the flutter.  Part of my job as a Tarot Reader is to encourage people to follow their joy, but it is a thousand times “easier” for people (including me) to take the logical route.  (You know – the route that makes more sense when it comes to stability.)  I don’t often take my own advice when it comes to my life choices, although I’ve come a long way, and I do follow the inner flutter more often than not these days.

But then there are the choices before us where we have absolutely no clarity because our emotions are too heavily invested in a person, place, or thing although it is probably not the best choice for us.  It is so important that we go deep inside of our being to know what is right and what is wrong for us, because emotions will lead us toward something out of sentiment (instead of out of what’s right for us), and our minds will lead us toward whatever makes logical sense (instead of what’s best for us).  It’s that deep down feeling from where we should navigate when it comes to following the “right” path in our lives.  Sometimes it’s subtle though, which is why asking the Tarot for guidance could be a good way to receive clarity.

The message that has been coming across in the cards is that we need to let go of everything (and everyone) that does not add up to our life’s purpose.  What is my life’s purpose, you may ask.  If you don’t know, then it’s important that you create a vision for your life, so that making decisions becomes easier.  Whatever doesn’t add up to that vision (sorry to put it so bluntly) – needs to go!  (SEE YA!)  Now, there are people in our lives who don’t exactly add up to our life’s vision, who we may not be able to relinquish, but I think of those people as quiet teachers in my life who bring up emotions within me for the soul purpose of helping me to heal.  When those people are around me, I need to pay attention to what goes on for me emotionally so that I can move through my “stuff” that doesn’t add up to my life’s purpose.

Almost everyone I encounter has the potential to play a role in helping me move through emotional baggage, so when I say to rid yourself of people, I’m specifically talking about friends, partners, and family members who are either abusive, or negative.  Negativity will bring us down, so it’s important to stay away from that kind of energy.  We can encourage negative people toward positive thinking, but if they are comfortable in their negativity, then it’s impossible to help them see the light, so sometimes we need to let go of our desire to “help” them.  It is not in our best interest to try and change anyone.  People have to desire change in the first place.  Acceptance of who they are is the path of least resistance for us.

Ah-ha!  Take the path of least resistance.  What does that even mean?  It means that you should (again) listen to your inner being for resistance that you feel (hesitation) when you are making decisions.  If you feel resistance (and I’m not talking about fear here), it’s a good indication that the person, place, or thing is probably not right for you.  Fear, on the other hand, can often (more often than not) be an arrow pointing you in the right direction.  I learned a long time ago, that the mountains we need to move in our lives, are simply fear and doubt.  If we move those two hideous mountains, the world opens up for us like nothing we could have even begun to imagine.

To put it simply – when making decisions, we need to relinquish whatever (or whomever) doesn’t add up to our well-being.  That’s the bottom line.  It’s very simple, but not easy.  I challenge you this week to begin letting go of people, places, and things that do not add up to who you truly are.  (And I’ll do the same – I promise!)







Why Use the Tarot? Isn’t it Opening Yourself Up to Unknown Entities?

Good question.  I grew up in a strict fundamental Christian church where Astrology was looked down upon, and Tarot readings were demonized.  Forget the fact that the entire bible is swarming with Astrological references.  Astrology was the sacred science of ancient times.  It was encoded inside of holy books so that real truth seekers would understand the metaphors and celestial references (i.e. – Jesus serving two fish is sun in Pisces, and the Virgin birth of a “son” is Sun in Virgo).  Otherwise, the bible is taken literally, and therefore the sacred connection between the heavens and the earth is completely swept under the rug, especially in the church where they want to keep the individual disempowered from their true nature so that people seek salvation outside of themselves (and pay money to the church for “truth”), instead of knowing that the real power is within each individual human being.  The truth we seek is not outside of our own temple (Holy of Holies).  But that’s a whole different story.  The Tarot includes all major religions via symbology, and it was once used by many Christians when Christian Mysticism was not demonized.  (Side note – my boyfriend thinks I’m a Christian Mystic).

Several years ago, I was terribly afraid to even look at the cards, and for good reason.  The way the Tarot (future telling) is portrayed in old Hollywood movies, and how there are scriptures in the bible that warn of using divination, it would give anyone the creeps to use cards as a tool for information about a person, but in my late twenties, I had left the church, and I was trying not to make decisions based in fear.  I was listening more to my intuition, and following the lead of my spirit instead of listening to the controlling voices of people in my head who hovered over my life and told me what was right and wrong.  I was learning about my own inner compass, and there were many things that peaked my interest, including the Tarot, so I didn’t hold back because the last thing I wanted to do with my life was to live in fear.

Living in fear is living in darkness.  Darkness is evil.  If fear is controlling your decision making, then consider yourself in the hands of the devil, because that’s exactly what fear is.  It’s limiting yourself from truth, or the light, or freedom that Christ spoke about.

In my twenties, I also stopped reading the bible so literally.  Most of the scriptures were not even meant for us today.  They were old Jewish laws, which Christ blasted with one solid scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself, and love God with all your heart mind and soul.”  Bottom line.  Laws of Abraham and Moses annihilated.  BAM!  If I could cut all the crap out of the bible and take the absolute truth from it, it would only include the teachings of Christ.  There are about twenty scriptures regarding divination in the Bible, and not one of those scriptures comes from the Christ teachings.  Now, let’s continue…

The Tarot is an art.  It’s literally just an art.  It’s a tool that reflects the full human experience through its symbology.  The subconscious mind picks up on imagery, which is why there are so many hidden messages in movies, on TV, and in advertising.  Symbology has been used for thousands of years because humans are subconsciously aware and influenced by imagery.  If we master our subconscious minds (face our demons), we basically overcome the devil, because our minds (ego) is the devil that tries to confuse us and consume us.

The human mind wants to rule our lives, to control our behaviors, and it ultimately wants to destroy us from reaching our full potential as spiritual beings having a human experience.  If you don’t believe me, spend one day paying attention to your thoughts and clue yourself in on how destructive they are.  Low self-esteem anyone?  Yeah, me too.  I have spent years watching my thoughts, and learning not to buy into them.  I’m not “there” yet, but I’m getting closer.  This is why Christ teaches to LOVE.  The principle of the Christ path is to live from your heart, not from your mind.  “Die to the flesh (mind) and walk in the spirit (heart).”  With that said, it is important, if you are on a spiritual path of awakening to truth, that you clear your subconscious mind so that it does not rule your life and lead you wrong.

The Tarot is a reminder to the subconscious mind of how dynamically connected we are to Spirit.  It draws out a memory of our divine nature, and reminds us that we are innately sacred, and that we are just having a short time experience here on Earth, while showing us how we can remain on the spiritual path in our humanity.  The cards reflect truth back to us when we are needing clarity in our lives.  The Tarot is basically just a way-shower.  It brings light to the darkness of our minds.

For example, if someone is having relationship problems, and I offer them a reading, usually they are stuck in their thoughts about their relationship, and they are having a limited experience of their relationship.  When I read the cards back to them, I help eliminate the limitation of their thinking and return them to their wholeness, or “the big picture.”  Whatever was limiting them and bringing fear into their experience before they sat down for a reading, gets completely relinquished when they walk away from the reading.  The shackles of their thinking are broken, and they are open to the truth instead of limited by their fear.  How is this evil?  Please tell me.  Because from my experience (and personal experience is the only real “truth” I know), fear divides us from God, or Spirit, or LOVE – whatever you wish to call it.  A good reader will bring a person back to God (LOVE).

“Some of the imagery, like the Death card, is scary.”  Yes, that is true.  If you are not familiar with the Tarot cards, they may look frightening, but isn’t this human experience frightening at times?  Again, the imagery talks to the subconscious mind, so your subconscious mind will pick up on the truth faster than your conscious mind will.  Some cards are haunting, but again, so is the human experience.  We are in a world of duality where light and dark exist equally.  Death and life exist equally.  That’s all the cards reflect.  Nothing more, nothing less.  No magic.  No hidden agenda.  Just pure human experience reflected back to us. In a Tarot deck, it is all laid out before us in depths and layers that truly exist.  Basically, we are all a living, walking, breathing, acting Tarot deck (wink).





Q: What if the Tarot Reading Turns Out Bad For Me?


A:  Does this face ^^^ look like it could give you any bad news?  Let me alleviate your fears right now.  I have never given a negative Tarot reading to ANYONE in hundreds of readings.  In my book, there is no such thing.  How is that possible?  Because I use the Tarot to guide people in the right direction, to change their perspective from dark to light, and to show them the possibilities instead of reminding them of their limitations.

I don’t believe that all bad choices are doom and gloom, or that bad choices we make end up in punishment.  I believe that when we make bad choices, it’s an incredibly revealing analysis into our subconscious minds, and I also know that every experience in life is an opportunity for a learning experience, so I have no judgement whatsoever when I am doing a reading and I see that someone is drifting off into a negative space in their life.  I am someone who often chooses to go into dark places within myself in order to see myself clearly as I relinquish my shadows, so I am incredibly open to helping people see their own shadows in such a way that it is a transformative experience for them.  After all – what are shadows except for a heavy influence in our life that reveals a past trauma so that we are able to face it?  I encourage my Querents to face their shadows so that they can move on from the darkness in their life that holds them back from navigating from the wholeness of who they truly are.

When I sit down to do a reading for someone, I do it with the intention of giving them a dynamic perspective of their situation, in such a way that they have no doubt of what they need to do from that moment on out.  Rarely do I offer a reading and project a negative outcome, but when there is one, it’s merely a warning that if the Querent remains on the same path, or in the same detrimental space of thinking, that the reality they are creating will not as positive as it could be.  I remind them that their thinking creates their experience.  If the Querent is too much in their mind, and not making decisions balanced with their heart, they may experience a limited situation, rather than having a bold, fully intended experience via conscious creation.

We all create physical reality by how we think and by how we feel.  If we are living from a space of limitation and fear, we’re going to have a less dynamic experience than if we are navigating from a space of openness and love.  Everything begins within our selves.  Two different people could be facing the same exact situation, and one of them is frightened by the possibility of failure and loss, while the other person gets excited and decides that the situation they’re facing is a challenge with an opportunity to create and expand.  Who do you think is going to have the most positive outcome?  Who do you think is going to have the most negative outcome?  It’s a very simple concept that we often forget as we move through the monotonous details of our lives, but through Tarot, when the cards reflect a negative outcome, I serve as a reminder to the Querent that they can change their outcome by shifting their thinking and by opening up their perspective.

The other night I did a reading for an acquaintance and fellow community member.  Her cards were very positive, but the outcome was that her thoughts were going to get the best of her, so I talked with her a little bit about how to drop into her feelings, rather than going forward with her goals in logic.  After spending a few minutes explaining each card, and showing her how much spiritual influence she had upon her life in that moment, something told me to have her choose one more card.  I never do this.  This was pure intuition.  She moved her hand over the spread, and pulled a final card.  It was the Ten of Cups:

Ten of Cups.png

Without me even saying anything to her, she was blown away by the card.  She was even more taken back when I told her, “This is the other possible outcome, if you simply navigate with an open heart, with an open mind, and while feeling your way around instead of thinking too much about where you are headed.”  We both left the counter feeling a sense of openness, and happiness.

There are no “bad” Tarot readings when you sit with me.  Just an honest glimpse into how a Querent thinks and navigates through their life, which can easily be shifted with the right cards reflecting the way.





How Does the Tarot Work?

The question I get the most when I’m reading people’s cards, is “How does Tarot work?” It’s such an elusive art. First, I ask you to think of something you would like clarity on, and then you pick a bunch of cards, “with your left hand,” I tell you (left hand is subconscious), and then I turn them over and tell you what they mean. 100% of the time, they are right on. I have never done a reading for anyone that did not resonate with them, so deeply that they left my table smiling, incredibly grateful for the experience. Even when I first began reading cards, the cards never lie. It’s the one who interprets them, who may not fully understand the revelation of the cards.

So how does this work? Is it magic? Is it a spirit coming in and manipulating the cards? Absolutely not. Magic… perhaps. At some point in our human experience, we become The Magician along our journey. This archetype of the Magician is when a person is completely in the knowing that they create their reality. They understand with everything in them that they have all the tools they need to design their life. They are the one calling the shots, and allowing the supporting universe to provide everything they need and desire. So there is “magic” in the Tarot, but the magic is actually the Querent, not the cards themselves. (The Querent is the person who is having their cards read). The magic is in the thoughts that the Querent has when they are open for a reading.


Or not… A person doesn’t need to be open for a reading, but the cards will never lie. I have had people sit down with me who were skeptical, or guarded. Once I began their readings, they let their guard down because I was revealing things that resonated with them, and they couldn’t resist the information.

A couple of weeks ago, I was hired to do readings at a party. I had a long line of people, and didn’t stop reading cards for four hours. One of the guests came up to me toward the end of the night with a question about his family, but he was incredibly skeptical about the cards. He asked how they worked, and I explained that the Law of Attraction is how they work. You think, and the cards reveal. All of the cards hold a fraction of the human experience, so all the cards relate to all of us at some point or another. When read together, they create a story, or a sort of poem about the Querent’s life. Because I have spent years learning the meaning of each card, I am able to pick up on the story. As I began telling him what each card revealed, he seemed more interested. By the end of his reading, he was blown away. He couldn’t stop thanking me at the party. It was a success for both of us.

I don’t do future telling. I don’t give yes or no answers to people unless the cards are so clear about “yes” or “no” that I have no choice to give them an answer. As a Reader, I know that my Querent is the powerful being who creates their reality. All I am doing when I am reading you cards, is giving you information about your current situation so that you can open up to your life in such a way that the greater experience unfolds for you. We often get stuck in the obvious fraction of our reality. The Tarot helps me see the whole. I share the whole with my Querent so that they are free from the misinterpretation of their experience.  I offer clarity.  I even offer suggestions because the Tarot has given me wings to share my own life experiences to others in such a way that I am able to relate to them a I read for them.  As a person who doesn’t enjoy small talk, the Tarot has been a wonderful tool for me to be my “real” self with people.  It’s a beautiful gift, and I’m excited to share it with whomever is interested.

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